Let’s start with Comprehensive.

Comprehensive or Comp for short is coverage that applies when the damage is not your fault. Most common claims are cracked windshield, you hit a deer or deer ran into your car or a scratch you notice coming out of the Grocery store.

One important thing to mention and is definitely easier said then done is if a deer runs out in front of you and you swerve to avoid the deer and hit a tree, that is now a collision claim which will most likely affect your insurance premiums resulting in higher costs for you. Always hit the deer, your car can be repaired you can’t be replaced.

Collision is when it is your fault.

You are adjusting your radio while approaching a red light, you don’t brake and rear-end the car in front of you. Also if that vehicle then hits the car in front of them you are now liable for both car repairs and any injuries, lost wages, etc..

One final note: when I am presenting options to my clients I will present the standard deductible of 500/500. However, I in most cases recommend a lower deductible for Comprehensive coverage.

The cost difference is minimal to lower it and most people would much rather prefer to pay $100.00 0r $250.00 instead of paying $500.00 for a claim that is not their fault.